What we do

Mocko Consulting offers a holistic, client-centric approach to business management software purchasing decisions and implementation.

Until a few years ago, small and mid-size businesses could not afford to purchase robust management software such as a CRM systems. The cost was prohibitive; beyond the initial investment in the software, internal IT staff was necessary for maintenance tasks. However, the landscape of software has changed significantly with the recent advancement of cloud solutions. Now there are multiple options available at a relatively low cost.

Software Solution Analysis

It can be challenging for a small business owner to identify the solution that will work best for his/her business, and choose a vendor to partner with for the long term.

Mocko Consulting’s approach in the software solution analysis includes:

  • Requirements discovery: Review a company’s current internal processes and understand which are currently well covered and which could be improved through the use of technology.
  • Software evaluation: With the requirements in mind, we evaluate tools in the market that would be a good fit for our customer. We rank the tools based on how they match our customer’s requirements. We consider the customer’s business processes: which processes are supported by features available in the tool, and which processes would have to be adapted to match the tool’s functionality?
  • Vendor review: This very important step is a thorough review of each vendor that made the final list. Is their product evolving at a pace that is aligned with your own company growth? How is this vendor doing financially? Is this a sound vendor to partner with, and why? Mocko Consulting will help to gather information to make sure this solution will serve you well into the future.

Software Implementation and Training

A well-executed implementation process is imperative to guarantee an effective adoption of a new software tool. It’s important to have an implementation plan that considers the needs of your business; software implementations are complex, and if not carefully planned, can lead to significant disruption of business operations. Appropriate timing will help avoid disruption during a busy season, or allow for specific training needs.

One of the main risks with new software is low adoption. We understand how important it is to engage all stakeholders, and approach software implementation in a collaborative manner. Our inclusive approach to training encompasses one-on-one and group sessions, based on the needs of the company. We engage our customers by illustrating the “big picture” of the implementation in the context of the company, and also providing a more detailed view focused on individual and user group roles.

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