Scheduler Link

Hello and welcome to Mocko Monday’s. We are excited to announce that the user interface is now ready for our Scheduler Link connector app. Simoni, our developer down in Brazil, and Lidiane have been working very hard getting this ready for release. I’m Kristen Ennis and I’m here to tell you all about it. Now you might be thinking, what is Scheduler Link? Well, we were working on an Infusionsoft implementation for one of our top clients, a skin care clinic, and one of the fastest growing small businesses here in the Denver metro area, and they needed an integration with a scheduling system because they were expanding their virtual client program, and needed to manage their clients who scheduled appointments online and included as well. There weren’t a lot of scheduling system options available that we felt effectively integrated scheduling functionality with Infusionsoft, so we worked with the client and decided to build our own connector application that links Acuity Scheduling with Infusionsoft aka Scheduler Link. Why we chose Acuity is because it keeps things simple while allowing you to manage multiple calendars or locations. You can send a link to your calendar to your clients, embed the scheduling page on your website, manually enter the information for the booking in Acuity Scheduling, or you can link it to your Facebook or other platforns. Clients can also pay for the appointments booked through Acuity and you can gather important information from them at that time. Then you both receive confirmation emails that allow you to add an appointment to your outlook, Gmail, or mobile calendars and you have the option to easily reschedule, which allows you to streamline your scheduling processes and avoid any embarrassing mistakes. Now the really cool thing about scheduler link is that during this process scheduler link can be configured to apply times which would automatically enter your clients into Infusionsoft campaigns based on the type of appointment that they booked. For example you can enter them into an Infusionsoft campaign that sends initial client forms that they need to fill out before their first appointment, or you can enter them in marketing campaigns based on the type of product or service that they’re interested in. The beauty of automation! Pretty cool, right? Now if you’d like to learn more, please visit us at and a demo of Scheduler Link is available on home page. You can also find scheduler link in the Infusionsoft marketplace. A full link to our blog post on this topic is also available in the notes below.
Are you already a Scheduler Link client? Well if so we’d love to hear from you in the comments below on your experience using the app. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next week for a deep dive into the full Infusionsoft implementation for our Skincare Client.