A Collaboration Tool Case Study: Growing Pains

Just because it’s a “good problem to have,” doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. Doesn’t mean it isn’t painful. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be solved.
Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute had a good problem.RMMFI - 2

In 2014, this award-winning Denver nonprofit was growing and its impact was expanding. That brought more opportunities and more to do. And more to do meant a larger team, which meant tasks were more widely distributed.

More cooks in the kitchen.

Could your small business use a little magic – a little sales marketing automation magic?

sales marketing automation magic

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As a small business owner you probably have heard about sales marketing automation. But what is it? And is this something that applies to your business?

What Does Sales Marketing Software Do?

Sales marketing automation replaces hiring a large team of email marketers, outreach specialists, salespeople and account managers (or trying to do it all yourself!). Marketing automation software gives you the tools to keep track of leads, personalize and customize your emails automatically, and get easy-to-understand reports on how your sales and marketing efforts are working.

Best Practices for Keeping your Technology Humming and Your Team Happy

IT best practices for small business onwers

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Your business relies on technology, and most of us take it for granted. But if you don’t take time to maintain your systems and clean up your data periodically, you can end up with a big problem.

Let’s talk about IT and software best practices and distinguish our services at Mocko consulting from IT service providers.

IT providers are primarily focused on setting up your network. They install and configure servers, operating systems, email servers, and your firewall. They help to set up the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Some IT service providers provide and support software for business operations, but not all of them.

Cloud Software Match Making Tip

CRM and Email Marketing software combinations

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Our Valentine’s day gift for you is a cloud software match making tip.

At Mocko Consulting we match our CRM with an Email Marketing solution.

How does this integration help us? It saves us time. When we add a new contact to our CRM database, the same contact is automatically added to our Email Marketing software. We use tags in order to segment our contacts in CRM, and this segmentation is maintained in the Email Marketing platform, making it easier for us to target our communications.

Things to Consider when Implementing CRM Software

Not sure how you will implement a new CRM?

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Choosing a CRM for Your Small Business

Recently we worked with a small manufacturing company on a CRM selection project. We started by getting to know them and how they work. They do custom projects and would need to add about 20 users to the new CRM from their management, sales, and fabrication teams. Working with this team, we helped them select Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the best fit for their business.

But that wasn’t the end of the decisions the principal owner faced. He still had to make one of the key decisions businesses have with any complex software implementation: Do you buy your own on-premise system, or do you subscribe to a partner hosted CRM?

Mocko Consulting in 2015

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During the first week of January we took the time to look at our numbers and evaluate our efforts for 2015.

Our efforts

  • We launched our website.
  • We wrote 7 proposals.
  • We consulted for 3 customers.
  • We added 1 partner.
  • We posted 3 blog posts.
  • We wrote 1 newsletter.
  • We hosted 1 workshop.
  • We attended more than 30 networking events.
  • We won first place for our business plan in our Leading Edge summer class (check our blog post about our experience), and we had a great time working on it.
  • We built a database of 325 contacts, among customers, potential customers, partners, and business community members.
  • Our Facebook posts combined reached 2891 people.

We could not have done this without the support of the Denver Small business community. The result: 751 billable hours. We made it! And 2016 is looking good already!

6 Steps to get your Small Business on a Cloud CRM


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The Challenge

I recently met “Joe”, a small business owner who is having issues with his Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Joe has a CRM software application designed for small businesses, and it is installed locally. (more…)

Small Business Shopping for a Bank

Piggy Bank

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On July 1, 2014 I started my own business, Mocko Consulting, Inc.

One of the first things I had to do, after signing the paper work in my lawyer’s office, was to open a business bank account. Before opening the bank account, I had to make a decision about which bank to use. (more…)