How A Skin Care Clinic Automated Their Business Seamlessly With Infusionsoft

Businesses, whether large or small, often struggle with processes and operations – especially in their implementation. As businesses grow, so do daily functions, and many struggle to keep things running smoothly while still continuing to grow. While this may sound challenging initially, we have learned just how beneficial automation is for long-term and short-term success.

A perfect example of this our ongoing work with a skin care clinic to automate their business, and help them sustain their growth. Prior to our services being engaged in March 2016, this clinic had a few systems in place.

However, none of them were integrated and that made it hard for them to keep up with their rising growth. They continued to receive order notifications at an unprecedented amount… but all of their order notifications went straight to their email inbox. While an inbox is great for email, it is not really an efficient system for tracking order fulfillment.

But the skin care clinic kept growing, as did their orders. Their acne program continued to gain consumer attention, especially since they were catering to a niche market. A simple Google search for natural acne treatments was leading customers straight to their website, but the clinic was having trouble keeping up with that level of demand.

Our ultimate goal was to help this skin care clinic automate their business with Infusionsoft. But we needed to establish baseline measures, and really get to the core of what they were hoping to accomplish by doing this.

More On Connector Apps: Scheduler Link Connects Acuity Scheduling to Infusionsoft

One aspect of our business that is of continued importance to us is creating seamless, integrated solutions for our clients. Though sometimes it is tricky to design apps and other methods that allow for increased connectivity, our overall goal is to create an experience that is easy and convenient, while solving our client’s business needs.

One method through which we accomplish this is through connector apps. You might be wondering what that term means, but it is simply creating an app that connects two solutions and allows for better integration between different systems. One example of this is our app, Scheduler Link. Scheduler Link connects Acuity Scheduling to Infusionsoft, and provides connectivity and integration between the two.

InfusionSoft is a CRM with e-commerce and marketing automation functionality, and is tailor-made for making business operations error-free and smooth throughout the process. Acuity Scheduling is a booking app, making the appointment process far more streamlined and easy to navigate – they also have great customer service.

The idea came to fruition when we working with a skin care client last year. Our client was using InfusionSoft, and wanted to use Acuity Scheduling for booking appointments.

At the time, there was no way to accomplish this, but we found a way. Without a connector app, our client would need to manually add the information to the CRM… each and every time. Realizing how cumbersome this would be, as well as the likelihood of errors and omissions, we decided to create a custom solution.

We created a connector app that is now available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace, for everyone to use.

How does Scheduler Link work? When an appointment is scheduled in Acuity, the contact information is sent to Infusionsoft. The appointment is also created in the Infusionsoft app as well. The integration is smooth, seamless and most importantly, reduces the amount of manual work and data entry that would be needed otherwise.

It creates an easy to follow way for our client to make and schedule appointments, and carry out marketing functions without extra steps getting in the way. It is also easier to track past and present appointments customers have booked out, and carry out appropriate marketing functions accordingly.

More information on Scheduler Link is available here. We currently offer a 14 day free trial, and provide more information on its great features, as well as more information on how it has made life easier for many customers and clients.

Client testimonials are available in the link provided, but here are some other examples of how Scheduler Link has carried over to other client solutions to help provide a quick snapshot of how versatile Scheduler Link really is for different business operations:

  1. Business coaches are saving time by enabling their clients to book appointments with Acuity. Scheduler Link helps by applying tags that trigger Infusionsoft campaigns. This helps them use automation functions to send additional information to clients to help them prepare for their coaching session.
  2. An auction business is currently using Scheduler Link to send new contact information to their Infusionsoft app. This enables them to configure Infusionsoft campaign to market to these contacts about their future auction events.
  3. A health coaching business is currently using Scheduler Link to gather information from their prospects and share it with their coaches using Infusionsfoft campaigns.
  4. A mortgage loan office uses Scheduler Link to send appointment information from Acuity to their Infusionsoft app, and trigger campaigns to automate business processes that saves them time

We have helped our clients configure tag strategy and field mapping using an intuitive, user friendly user-interface. What do you need? Do you need a connector app? Reach out to us to see how we can streamline your business process and help drive further success for your business.

Got Business Cards? Awesome CRM Business Card Scanning Apps will Get You Organized

If you do any amount of face-to-face networking, you know how business card quickly pile up. Once your wallet or organizer fills up, you dump the business cards you’ve collected in a file or drawer. Or maybe you wait until you have enough cards to wrap them with rubber band and store in a cute box, like this one!

Box with business cards

Sure, it’s good to have those cards lying around for when you need to get in touch with a contact. But with so many cards, can you reliably find the contact you’re looking for in a timely manner? Unless you are super organized, it’s tough to find the card you need at the moment you need it.


CRM Spring Cleaning for Small Business

Garbage In, Garbage Out

CRM Spring Clearning

Tips to keep your CRM data sharp!

No doubt you’ve heard the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Well, it couldn’t be truer when it comes to managing your business data. A cluttered CRM will hinder your business processes and your customer engagement.

Your Challenge

You’ve worked hard to get your CRM configured just right for your business! It serves you well, and you’re growing–Congratulations! Now you’ve hired additional people, and they’re all working hard, adding new contacts, new companies, and new opportunities. As you may have already experienced, things can get really messy really fast if you don’t have some processes and guidelines in place to keep your information clean.

CRM Spring Cleaning Steps

We have some tips for you on how to clean and maintain your CRM data. In the spirit of spring, begin now! Moving forward, if you adopt this mindset and establish good habits, from now on spring cleaning won’t be so daunting.

Have you ever met with a SCORE Mentor?

I’m excited today to share an educational opportunity with you, but first let me ask you a question: have you heard of SCORE? It doesn’t have anything to do with basketball or your credit, but it has everything to do with an often overlooked wealth of knowledge for small business owners.

SCORE was previously known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives, but is now recognized as SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business”. They are one of the main reasons why I’m business today. Here’s my story of the crucial role three SCORE volunteers have played in my own business development.

Back in 2013 when I was a student at DU, I met Jim Skagen (blue shirt on the photo). His words of encouragement gave me confidence to start my own business.