Step 3 to a Successful CRM Implementation: Getting Your Data Ready

Hi, this is Lidi Mocko with Mocko Consulting, and I’m here for another episode of Mocko Mondays. Today, we’re going to talk about the CRM implementation, more specifically how to organize your data for the implementation process.

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Ok so you’re ready to move forward with your CRM implementation. The very first thing you need to think about is, where is your data coming from? Where are you getting it? Is it from your Outlook, is it from business cards in the drawer, or is it from your QuickBooks? So you need to get that ready. Remember your past clients- it’s a lot easier to sell to them than to new clients, so don’t discard your contacts that you have in QuickBooks. Make sure you pour them into your CRM system, and keep in mind how you are going to segment your clients and your contacts.

Remember, small business is very community based. It’s very community based. So you do need to track at the very minimum customers, potential customers and network connections, because your network connections can refer business to you. Before importing the data you need to create tags and/or custom fields that will allow you to easily segment, just so when you send communication you’re sending specific communication to a specific list that you’re targeting. You know after you import the data, you need to review it and make sure that the data looks accurate. Make sure that you get rid of duplicates. And in this phase, don’t carry it all on your shoulders. Enlist your team. Make sure that other people in your organization are helping to review that data. It’s very important because they are only going to trust the system if they can trust the data. And it’s only fair that they help? Next week, we’re going be talking more about how to customize your CRM for your business. We also have a link to our full blog post in the notes below and we would love to hear from you if you like this video. Please share and subscribe to our channel. Thank you.